Click here for Spa Cover Care Tips

Should I measure the old cover?
No, it is best to measure the tub itself….The original cover may have a different design or it could have shrunk or collapsed 

How do I measure my cover?
Measure from the OUTSIDE LIP of the acrylic OR the wood railing if you prefer. Always round up!!!!!…….Larger is always better. Covers can shrink over the years due to weathering. A cover that is slightly larger will always fit, a cover too small will never fit. Click here for measuring tips. 

My measurements are 76.75″ x 77.75″. What should I order?
Ordering a 78″ square would be the best bet. If the cover is slightly larger, it will be fine. A square also can fit each direction. 

What is a skirt?
A skirt is the loose material sewn around the perimeter of your spa cover to protect the acrylic lip from the elements. 

What is the R Value of your covers?
The R Value for the standard is 14 while the heavy duty R Value is 18. 

My spa is inground flush with the deck without a raised acrylic lip. How much should I add to my dimensions?
Add at least 3″ in all directions. This will give it sufficient support. Click here for more spa measuring tips. 


I have an area or areas on my spa that is raised above the acrylic. How do I order?
Air buttons, head rests, control panels, handles, etc that are raised above the lip require special custom cut-outs and recesses. We do these all the time. A detailed exploded view is required and an additional custom charge is applied. 

Why can’t I just order my spa cover with the make and model of my spa?
Unlike cars, spa manufacturers are constantly modifying the spas. Sometimes twice a year!!!!……Although we have templates for hundreds of the most popular, your measured dimensions are the most accurate and ensure a proper fit. 

What kind of vinyl do you use to manufacture your covers?
We use a premium marine grade vinyl. The weight is 27 ounces per linear yard. The thickness is .035 inches. It passes 1500 hours on the accelerated UV weathermeter. 

Why do you use galvanzied steel to re-inforce your foam inserts?
We use a 20 guage galvanized steel C-channel for support along the fold in our foam inserts. Steel is stronger than aluminum and therefore doesn’t have to be as thick, which can actually weaken the foam insert where it is grooved.

Do lighter colored covers last longer?
Not necessarily. Taking care of your cover regardless of the color is the key to prolonging it’s lifespan. 

What kind of zipper do you use?
We incorporate a #5 polyester zipper that is treated with chemical resistors in all our spa covers. 


Do I need to supply the exact location of my tie downs?
No, your new tie downs will come with new female tie down attatchments. 

My current cover has taken on water. How do you manufacture your covers to prevent this, and is there anything I can do?
First, we use a solid scrim underside vinyl. Some cover manufacturer’s use an inferior “mesh” underside, we DO NOT!!!…. Our foam inserts are heat-sealed in 4 ml plastic to reduce condensation that can enter the foam core. All seams are then taped as an added precaution.

How long will it take to receive my spa cover?
Orders are generally processed within 72 hours of receipt. In stock parts and supplies will be shipped within 5 business days. If you are ordering a SPA COVER the typical lead time to receive your order is 2 – 4 weeks (expect longer lead times during peak season and/or deliveries to rural areas.) 

Why don’t you ship via UPS or Fed-EX?
We wish we could. Most spa covers are too large and exceed the maximum dimensions these carriers will accept. 

What do you mean by the term “tractor-trailer accessible areas only”….?
Our price includes freight via common carrier freight companies with larger trucks. Some residences are not accesible. Please keep this in mind when ordering. An alternate delivery address such as a place of business or a friend’s house will suffice. 

Do you sell outside of the United States?
No. Due to prohibitive shipping costs, we can only sell in the United States

Do you make replacement covers for Brand Name Spas? 
Yes. We make covers for ANY spa including Jacuzzi, Caldera, Hot Springs, Sundance, LA Spas, Coleman, Prestige, CalSpas, Marquis, Sonoma, Hydro Spas, Odyssey, Savannah, Dream Maker, SmartTub, Nahanni, Fantasy, Four Winds, ThermoSpas, Therma, Vita, Dimension One, Master Spas, Roberts Hot Tubs, Beachcomber, Bullfrog, Nordic, Snorkel, Aquaspa, Baja Spas, Bradford, Catalina, Comfort Spas, Emerald Spas, Great Lakes, Hot Spot, Image, Moon Water Spas, PDC, QCA Spas, Softub, Tiger River, Watertech, Weslo and many others.