303 UV Protectant Spray

Spa Cover Care Tips:

Keep The Cover Clean
The exterior vinyl needs to stay clean and conditioned. Use a 303 COVER CARE CONDITIONER or water solution to clean the vinyl portion of the cover at least twice per month. NEVER USE ANY PETROLEUM BASED PRODUCTS TO CLEAN OR MAINTAIN YOUR SPA COVER!

Maintain Proper Spa Water Chemistry
Ensuring that the spa water chemistry is balanced, the vapors coming off the tub will be less corrosive to the spa cover. Maintaining proper water balance of your spa, will ensure the longevity of the protective layers of the cover, thus prolonging the life of your cover. Chemicals need to be balanced and monitored. Too much sanitizer can cause premature deterioration of the underside vinyl, the 4 ml vapor barrier and subsequently cause water-logging of the foam cores. Make sure you allow adequate “gas off” time after adding chemicals (15 minutes should suffice).

Unzip The Cover and Clean
Wipe the inside section of the zipper at least twice per year. Mildew has a tendency to build up in this area. If it is not kept sanitized properly, mildew buildup may develop.

Remove Foam Core

Remove The Foam Cores
After removing the foam cores, flip them over at least once per year. Here is reasoning behind this: The cover is a protective layering system designed to slow foam core absorption of water vapor. The corrosive vapors that form in the spa, break down these layers over time. By flipping the cores over, you start to work on the other side of the protective wrap, thereby extending the the total life span of the cover.

How To Properly Use The Spa Cover Handle
Sometime in the life span of your spa cover, the spa cover is going to weigh a lot more than when first purchased. A handle, which has a limited stitching area, cannot be expected to move around some of the conceivable weights of old spa covers and may rip off. We recommend that you use the handles with care.

Never Stand, Sit, and/or Walk On Your Cover
Covers are designed for safety, and to insulate from heat loss of the tub. You should not stand, sit or walk on a standard insulating spa cover.

Floating Spa Blanket

Utilize a floating spa blanket.
These inexpensive insulating bubble covers not only help maintain heat, but also reduce the condensation that inundates the hard cover. Purchase one with your hard cover through us!!!